Horses (Live in Miami 1996/10/23)
Tori Amos ♫ 12 plays

Horses (Live in Miami, FL, 1996/10/23)

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Cornflake Girl (Provinssirock Festival 2007/06/15)
Tori Amos ♫ 14 plays

Cornflake Girl (Live at Provinssirock Festival, Finland, 2007/06/15)

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Crucify (Live in Seattle 1994/03/20)
Tori Amos ♫ 18 plays

Crucify (Live in Seattle, WA, 1994/03/20)

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Little Amsterdam (Live in Stuttgart 2014/06/09)
Tori Amos ♫ 18 plays

Little Amsterdam (Live in Stuttgart, Germany, 2014/06/09)

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Lust (Live in London 1999/10/29)
Tori Amos ♫ 36 plays

Lust (Live in London, UK, 1999/10/29)

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Another Girl's Paradise (Live in Clearwater 2005/04/01)
Tori Amos ♫ 32 plays

Another Girl’s Paradise (Live in Clearwater, FL, 2005/04/01)

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American Doll Posse appreciation [2/5] - Clyde [CliTORIdes]

American Doll Posse features Tori as five distinct characters who combine to make a complete woman. After centuries of being dismembered, literally and figuratively, by the ruling patriarchy, the feminine essence has reassembled to take back the power.

Clyde wears her emotional wounds on her sleeve, but remains idealistic. She draws from Persephone, the greek goddess of the underworld.

"All works of art start as potential. Similarly, all relationships start as potential. When I meet a person I try and see not their mask, with its defenses, but what’s underneath. I get accused of refusing to acknowledge who a person is choosing to be right now. When that person is arrogant or rude or selfish then my friends say, "Clyde!!!!!! THIS is what this LOSER is about." But I say, "Hold on people, this is only what this person THINKS they are about." So this so called Loser person is confused. But if no one sees their potential then they may not ever see it themselves and that would be tragic."

Songs: Bouncing off Clouds, Girl Disappearing, Roosterspur Bridge, Beauty of Speed, Miracle

Graveyard / Tear In Your Hand (Live in San Diego 2001/11/20 Early Show)
Tori Amos ♫ 24 plays

Graveyard / Tear in Your Hand (Live in San Diego, CA, 2001/11/20 Early Show)

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