Raspberry Swirl (Live in Eugene 1998/09/13)
Tori Amos ♫ 6 plays

Raspberry Swirl (Live in Eugene, OR, 1998/09/13)

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Blood Roses (CFNY Radio 1996/01/29)
Tori Amos ♫ 12 plays

Blood Roses (Live on CFNY Radio, Toronto, Canada, 1996/01/29)

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Boys For Pele is truly a story about a woman who descends, who finds fragments in the unconscious to bring back into the light. But I was forced to do this… You’re on your knees, and you make a choice.”

Cooling (Live in West Palm Beach 2001/09/28)
Tori Amos ♫ 56 plays

Cooling (Live in West Palm Beach, FL, 2001/09/28)

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Father Lucifer (Live in Frankfurt 2005/06/28)
Tori Amos ♫ 72 plays

Father Lucifer (Live in Frankfurt, Germany, 2005/06/28)

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Code Red (Live in Rome 2007/05/28)
Tori Amos ♫ 40 plays

Code Red (Live in Rome, Italy, 2007/05/28)

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China (Live in Oakland 2009/07/13)
Tori Amos ♫ 128 plays

China (Live in Oakland, CA, 2009/07/13)

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Star Of Wonder (Live in Rotterdam 2012/10/01)
Tori Amos ♫ 138 plays

Star of Wonder (Live in Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2012/10/01)

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Trouble's Lament (France Inter 2014/04/22)
Tori Amos ♫ 2,644 plays

Trouble’s Lament (Live on Radio France Inter, Paris, France, 2014/04/22)

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