Putting the Damage On (Live in Clearwater 2005/04/01)
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Putting the Damage On (Live in Clearwater, FL, 2005/04/01)

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Beulah Land (Live in San Diego 2001/11/20 Early Show)
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Beulah Land (Live in San Diego, CA, 2001/11/20 Early Show)

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"So this is a special request. You probably don’t know it. Only ten people probably know this song, so stay with me."  [Intro to “Apollo’s Frock” in Paris] x

Upside Down (Live in Berlin 2012/10/15)
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Upside Down (Live in Berlin, Germany, 2012/10/15)

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Cruel (Chicago Radio Special 1998/04/30)
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Cruel (Live in Chicago, IL, 1998/04/30)

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Professional Widow Remix Interlude (Provinssirock Festival 2007/06/15)
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Professional Widow Remix Interlude (Live at Provinssirock Festival, Finland, 2007/06/15)

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American Doll Posse appreciation [1/5] - Isabel [HisTORIcal]

American Doll Posse features Tori as five distinct characters who combine to make a complete woman. After centuries of being dismembered, literally and figuratively, by the ruling patriarchy, the feminine essence has reassembled to take back the power.

Isabel is a photographer, a chronicler, an observer, and the most outwardly political of the bunch. She is a reflection of Artemis, the greek goddess of the hunt.

"There are a few ways to develop your vision of life. I document. I could be documenting you… Do I document truth? I document what I see. How others view the world. This is how I have come to know the world. The place I hold in a group of women is that of a Lens. A lens that records an actual happening. Objectivity can only be attained if you are open to another perception, even one that is contrary to your own. I will endeavor to present perceptions that I feel are worth your time."

Songs: Yo George, Mr. Bad Man, Devils and Gods, Almost Rosey, Dark Side of the Sun

Carry (KCSN Radio 2011/09/24)
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Carry (Live on KCSN Radio, Los Angeles, CA, 2011/09/24)

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Happiness Is a Warm Gun / Let it Be (Live in Stuttgart 2014/06/09)
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Happiness Is A Warm Gun / Let it Be (Live in Stuttgart, Germany, 2014/06/09)

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Professional Widow (Live in London 1999/10/29)
Tori Amos ♫ 24 plays

Professional Widow (Live in London, UK, 1999/10/29)

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